Oregon Sungrown Certification


The Oregon Sungrown (OSG) Farm Certification program is the first and, currently, only organic, sustainable, clean farm certification focused specifically on cannabis.  The Oregon Sungrowers Guild developed this program in an effort to promote and market clean, sustainable, organically produced sungrown cannabis and cannabis products. 

Being an Oregon Sungrown certified farm tells consumers that your farm and products are produced with conscience awareness of soil and water conservation, air quality, waterway protection, and consideration for local indigenous flora and fauna.  Having the OSG label on your products insures consumers they're buying only the cleanest, and sustainable products on the market.

The Oregon Sungrowers Guild is actively marketing the OSG brand both locally and nationally to begin establishing brand recognition and demand for cleaner, sustainable cannabis products in an effort to establish a niche market based on quality, cleanliness, and purity.

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