Action Alert - Jackson County BOC Public Meeting - Medford - 2/1 6pm & Joint Committee on Marijuana Legalization Public Hearing - Salem - Tuesday 2/2 @ 3pm

Dear Patients and Growers,

We heard tonight from OSGG and Right to Grow: the fight to #saveommp is on! We must be vocal and present on on all fronts as the counties try to enact ordinances against us and as the OHA tries to dismantle OMMP.

Patients and growers: your timely response is needed now:

  • Friday, January 29th - 5pm: Deadline for OHA comments must be sent to: [email protected]
  • Monday, February 1st - 6pm: Jackson Cty. BOC Public Meeting (Info below)
  • Tuesday, February 2nd - 3pm: Marijuana Legalization Public Hearing (Info below)

During tonight’s General Meeting an action alert came through from Jonathan please see below:

Dear SunGrowers,

I know all the hullabaloo of late must feel overwhelming, but your willingness to show up and express yourself at the OHA hearing in Medford was incredible! We needed your voices and they are being heard.

I wish that was all that is needed, but we must summon our voices one more time. Now that OHA has heard us, we need to bring our message to the State Legislature…and we have to do it now!

The Joint Committee on Marijuana Legalization is having a public hearing on Tuesday, Feb. 2th at 3pm. to discuss new laws to oversee cannabis in Oregon. These new laws will be debated and passed throughout February. Several members of OSGG’s leadership team and I will be there on Tuesday to testify for Rural Family Farmers.

The meeting agenda and copies of the bills are online at: https://olis.leg.state.or.us/liz/2016R1/Committees/JML/2016-02-02-13-00/Agenda

I’m asking that you also submit an e-mail so that you can weigh in too. You can submit an e-mail with subject lines “HB 4014 and SB 1511” to:

[email protected]

(Adam is the Committee Administrator, and a great guy. He will ensure that your e-mails are submitted to the legislators, made publicly available, and entered into the record)

Here are some themes/messages that I hope to speak about. Express yourself in your own way, and feel free to emphasize any of these themes or others:

  • I want to update the Joint Committee as to what happened at the OHA meeting in Medford. While word is just now getting out to rural growers and patients about the OHA proposed rules, a huge turnout of folks still showed up yesterday. It was a message to policy makers that our responsible, compassionate family farmers care about the impacts of the rules on patients. And it shows we want to be part of a legal system with rules/regulations that are workable for us.
  • Our family farms growing cannabis under the full spectrum of sunlight are producing incredibly exciting medical results for patients. We must protect the medicine, the diversity of strains that are grown under the sunlight on our farms. Growing medicine indoors with limited strains isn’t the same.
  • Recent local government actions (Jackson County setbacks, disallowing outdoor grows etc.) are posing a threat to our farms, and therefore a threat to our patients. We need the state legislature to step in.
  • We want to work with agencies, but we need the legislature to be clear about how we should do so. We must protect the Grower Patient Relationship so patients who cannot afford to purchase medicine can continue to receive it from their grower for free. Our small farmers need to be able to recover their costs from growing by transferring their excess product into the OHA Dispensaries, and into the OLCC Co-Located stores. We support regulations and reporting requirements to protect the public and patients, but they must make sense for rural grow sites without electricity and without high-speed internet access. They must be affordable. And they must not be so onerous as to be impossible to comply with.

Finally, please keep your comments respectful. Remember that each legislator has won an election of the people.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Contact us via email or facebook if you need a ride to Salem on Tuesday.

Via: Right to Grow

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Jackson County is considering imposing regulations that will shut down nearly 85% of medical marijuana growers. There are over 6000 growers and 9500+ patients here in Jackson County!

The recreational system is just now getting started and we don’t know how the new system is ultimately going to impact patients. It is premature to consider these new regulations at this time.

If you are a patient, processor, grower, canna-biz, supporting business or a supporter in general . . . Please come & bring your friends, family, and neighbors.

5:30pm Rally on the steps!

6:00pm Meeting starts

Medford City Council Chambers

411 W. 8th St., Room 300
Medford, OR

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