Return of Members Only Meetings + state-wide cannabis events:

ðŸ?? Greetings From OSGG.
We hope you are enjoying an abundant harvest. OSGG’s Member’s Only Meetings return this month:

This is a great time to connect, renew membership and discuss legislative policy with our lobbyist Jonathan Manton and our attorney Paul Loney.
Confidentiality policy can be viewed here. Copies will be available at the door as well.

State-Wide Cannabis Events:

From OSGG RAC Members:

On October 22nd the OLCC recently released temporary rules for recreational marijuana that will be in effect until fall of 2016 when final rulemaking will take place. Oregon Sungrown Growers Guild has been working hard to represent the interests of small family farmers throughout the process. We want to thank the legislature and the OLCC for allowing us to tell our story though the RAC and direct conversations with lawmakers. We feel it’s vital that the new system preserve a place in Oregon for the craft growers that have been supporting the medical needs of patients, and local economies for the past decade.The rules that were developed place Oregon at the forefront of the national legalization movement and will be examined and emulated by many states in the years to come.  We are proud to have helped shaped this framework, but we are conscious that there is still work to be done. Medical growers and small farms are striving to find a way to participate in this great new opportunity, patients are worried about where their medicine will come from, and citizens in conservative counties may not be able to participate in this opportunity at all. The members of OSGG will continue to work hand in hand with the legislature and the OLCC to ensure every Oregonian has the opportunity to benefit from this historic transition.

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