The Oregon Liquor Control Commission ("Commission") has announced initial and temporary rulemaking action affecting for-hire trimmers. The new rules allow wholesalers to provide on-site trimming and packaging services for licensed producers. Amendments to OAR 845-025-3500 and the addition of 845-0250-3505 were made effective today, October 4, 2017.

The changes allow licensed wholesalers to trim whole, non-living plants and usable marijuana on behalf of a licensed producer. Both licensees must comply with OLCC rules, including CTS records of transfers and packaging. Trimming must be performed on the wholesaler's licensed premises or, if the wholesaler has obtained a "For Hire Trimming Privilege" license, trimming may be performed at the producer's premises.

The new section, OAR 845-025-3505, provides for the process by which licensed wholesalers may apply for a "For Hire Trimming Privilege." Such wholesalers must receive approval from the Commission before engaging in trimming services. The application will require a control plan, which must include the names of individual employees and their worker permit numbers, procedures to prevent unlawful activity, and procedures to prevent minors from accessing the area.  Please note, at this time the form for the application is not yet hosted on the OLCC’s website, but we anticipate that it will be soon.

After approval, the wholesaler must abide by additional requirements. First, the wholesaler must notify the Commission at least 3 business days before transporting mobile trimming equipment to the producer. Then, the wholesaler must capture all activities on video and provide a copy to the producer before leaving the premises. The wholesaler must also log all activity, including recording the name, date, and birth date of every visitor.

Please be aware that violations of OLCC rules will result in harsh penalties. For a link to the new rules and penalties, please see:, and