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Royal Blue Durban Seed by Moon Flower Gardens

Mana Gooey Seed by Moon Flower Gardens

Kush Wreck Seed by Moon Flower Gardens


Royal Blue Durban

Known Pedigree:  Blue Berry X Shoe Polish X Durban Poison
Harvest date- Sept 22 to Oct 1st Southern Oregon acclimatized
Distinct aroma
Yields- 4 to 5 lb’s
Phenotype pictured above has little leaf and all bud, a trimmers dream.


Mana Gooey

Known Pedigree Manitoba Wrecker X Gooey

A large plant, high yielding.

Harvest date- 1st to 3rd week of October.

Pink pistil or white pistil variability.

Sweet or fruity aroma.

Kush Wreck

Known Pedigree: Purple Kush X Russian Kush X Train Wreck

Sativa indica hybrid

Large plant High yield

Massive resin production