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Daily Courier Article about "Bad Marijuana"

Real picture is marijuana and it's not pretty

Visualize looking at a beautiful manicured vineyard on a shining hill. That's something to be proud of. It's economically productive, adds value to neighborhoods and contributes to the community. As Rep. Carl Wilson would say: It's done right. But that's not the picture of reality.

The real picture is marijuana, and it's not pretty. The living picture is human sludge, sewage and eyesores of the discarded trash of inhumanity.

The people have voted by a landslide that they are tired of this offensive desecration of our lands, spoiled beauty and reduced home values. They want regulations imposed to clean it up.

The county commissioners have repeatedly procrastinated making decisions to back the majority. Now Rep. Wilson asked for another postponement.

The most competent person who understands the problems and has put forth solutions fair to all is Julie Schmelzer, our county planning director. Her main opposition is Mark Seligman and Peter Gendron. Both promote their selfish interests under false pretentions.

Mark Seligman is involved in the industry and lays claim to all things economically and politically positive as having been created by marijuana. Peter Gendron, a grower, expounds false claims that regulation is against people's rights.

We have heard all of this before and still have nothing but degeneration of our county.

The county commissioners and state representative need to step up and do their jobs by passing regulations to support voters' decisions against rural residential growth of marijuana in the county.

Didn't they take an oath to represent the people?


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