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DC Opinion: Rural Residential Land not Peaceful Anymore

The cannabis growers continuously talk about "their" property rights being violated and how they must be defended. I live on rural residential land. What happened to my property rights? Oh, that's right: The big green bus rolled them over. And the bus has polluted the land, the water and smashed down trees. If the loggers did half of what growers are doing to the land, the loggers would be in jail by now as the environmentalists would have sent up outrage that could be heard all over the state. Where are the environmentalists now?

Rural residents have been beaten, threatened, vandalized, stolen from and have received death threats. That is why more of them do not show up at hearings to voice their opinions. They are scared to death. Some can't even go in their backyards without being accosted.

If you want to see the growers in action, just come to any hearing or watch past hearings on the web. The abuse the commissioners and planners endure is unbelievable. The growers threaten lawsuits, recall or demand recusal of anyone who does not allow them to grow where they want.

I believe rural residential zoning was intended for peaceful residing. It is not peaceful anymore.


Grants Pass

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