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Morgan sticks nose into other county (Opinion)

A recent article in a Brookings newspaper, the Curry Coastal Pilot, has Josephine County Commissioner Lily Morgan warning Curry County commissioners of the many problems in Josephine County regarding marijuana grows.

Public information requests have revealed her charges of complaints are clearly inaccurate. One wonders why Morgan and planning director Julie Schmelzer are sticking their noses into another county's affairs. Their charges represent a clear bias and are false.

One should remember Morgan and Commissioner Dan DeYoung were part of a Grants Pass City Council that banned dispensaries and outdoor grows. We in Josephine County are experiencing prosperity because of this legal cannabis industry. Morgan and DeYoung will on Nov. 29 seek to severely limit, contrary to state law, grows on land zoned rural residential.

The county has the right to reasonable time, place and manner regarding regulation of marijuana. The proposed regulations based on false complaints are not reasonable.

I ask residents in both counties to understand these Josephine County officials' anti-cannabis agenda. If you value an improved economy and private property rights, you will not be swayed by this false narrative told by Morgan and DeYoung.

The result of these unreasonable ordinances will be lawsuits and a possible recall of county commissioners. Beware, Curry County, of false facts.