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Hare has conflict with cannabis rules

Hare has conflict of interest on pot grow rules

I have been following the proposed changes to the current regulations for growing cannabis on rural residential property and I am appalled by the action of Josephine County Commissioner Simon Hare. What Hare has done is contemptible and will end up negatively impacting this community. I am shocked at how Grants Pass and Josephine County's commissioners have let Hare manipulate them and the community for his own personal gain.

Hare owns property that is zoned EFU, and with his proposed changes, this property stands to increase significantly in value. During Wednesday's Board of County Commissioners meeting, Hare finally acknowledged his conflicts of interest, but only after presiding over the new proposed regulations. This is simply unethical.

It is clear that Hare has had an ulterior motive to drive up his individual equity while waging a war in this community. This is not what we should accept from elected officials. This is a major conflict of interest with every Josephine County resident being duped. Wake up, JoCo!

Following his DUI arrest in 2015, Hare announced he is not seeking re-election and has subsequently been creating his future plans at the expense of this community. An unnecessary war was waged between citizens within Josephine County and it was done by a lame-duck county commissioner on his way out of office. New regulations are not needed to provide commissioners with economic gain. This county seems destined to take a giant step backward while we let Simon Hare step on us.


Grants Pass

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