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!!! Cannabis Ban Oridnance !!!

The Cannabis Ban Ordinance is going to be held November 1, 2017 at 9:00 AM at the Anne Basker Auditorium, 600 NW 6th st., downtown, Grants Pass. Please plan ahead to attend this meeting and share your public comment with the county officials.

Both the means by which the commissioners have perpetrated the cannabis ban on Rural residential lands and the actual contents of the ban are shown to be unreasonable in the time, place and manner.

Bullet Points:

-- No one 5.00 acres or smaller can grow more than 12 plants. Parcels of 5.01 acres are permitted to have a Microtier OLCC license only. This act will spawn countless lawsuits against the county for an unreasonable prohibition based on an area 100th of one acre, about 20'x20'. There is no material difference between a 5-acre parcel that measures 4.94 acres and one that measures 5.08 acres: when they were drawn and set out they were all intended to be "5-acre" parcels by the county planning department, and that is how they are treated in everyday life. Also, currently operating OLCC licensed farms that are Tier I & II (half acre and acre) will have to scale down in two years to a microtier, putting their business investments at great risk for no apparent reason. -- This is unreasonable;