The Benefits of Membership

As a member of OSGG you will be a part of one of the largest paid member cannabis organizations in the State of Oregon. Your membership dues will help continue the Guild's efforts to protect and promote family farms, sustainable and clean cannabis farming practices as well as protecting the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.  Many patients rely on OMMP and the medicine they acquire through that program to treat the myriad of medical conditions medical cannabis provides relief for. 


Email/newsletter subscriber:

Our email list is how we disseminate much of the important information we receive.  Get notifications of meetings, events, and calls to action through our regular  newsletter and email blasts.  We are dedicated to your privacy and will never sell or release any contact information you give us.


A basic membership is the ground level of membership.  The vast majority of our members are basic members.  Generally these are individuals or families who are small personal growers, consumers or supportive community members who wish to see the mission of the Guild continue.  As a Basic Member you will be an instrumental part of keeping the Guild functioning, keeping our lobbyist active in the capital and keeping up with the latest in legal and legislative changes.  Basic members are also invited to "Member Only" events which include educational seminars with industry leaders in every field of cannabis business, and certain Guild celebration parties and events.  All Basic Members also receive regular notifications concerning changes in the legal environment, important legislative meetings that need to be attended, and a myriad of other important information as we get it from our network of sources around the state.  Basic members are also eligible to serve on the Guild's board of directors.

  • A Basic Individual Membership is $100 annually or $10/month,
  • A Basic Family Membership is $200 annually or $20/month

Grower Membership:

Grower memberships come in a few forms depending on your level.  We have 2 Micro Grower memberships and 2 Tier Memberships.  The Micro Grower memberships are designed for medical growers and recreational micro tier growers.  Micro 1 is designed for growers under 2500 square feet of canopy or 24 plants or less.  Micro 2 is designed for growers under 5000 square feet of canopy or 48 plants or less.  The Tier 1 membership is for Tier 1 recreational growers and Tier 2 membership is for Tier 2 recreational growers.  As a Grower Member you receive all the benefits of regular membership as well as access to the Guild's educational resources and group buying programs.  You will also be eligible for the Oregon SunGrown Certification program.

  • Micro 1 Grower Membership is $250 annually or $25/month
  • Miro 2 Grower Membership is $500 annually or $50/month
  • Tier 1 Grower Membership is $1000 annually or $100/month
  • Tier 2 Grower Membership is $2000 annually or $200/month


Business Membership:

Our Business Memberships are designed for the owner/operators of businesses that wish to promote the Guild's activities as well as market products and services to our very wide base of cannabis community members.  We have 2 levels of business Memberships;  Business 1, for companies with less than $250K annual gross, and Business 2 for companies with more than $250K annual gross.  By becoming a business member you will receive all the benefits of a Basic Membership, however in addition we will promote your business to our entire membership and email data base.  As a Business Member you'll receive;

  • Your logo on all the Guild's printed promotional material
  • A link to your website on our website and any electronic promotions
  • The opportunity to set up a table and banner at selected Guild meetings and events
  • We will give your business a verbal acknowledgement or "shout out" at our meetings and events
  • The opportunity to place promotional material in our regular newsletter

Our Business Members are one of the most important aspects of the Guild's membership program.  Business Members provide valuable and necessary products and services to our membership and receive a valuable marketing and promotional opportunities to reach a very specific market of cannabis related consumers.

  • Business Member 1 is $1500 annually or $150/month.
  • Business Member 2 is $3000 annually or $300/month.


special membership:

Special Members are individuals or businesses who wish to support at a higher level than the Basic Membership but are not interested in the marketing opportunities of the Business Membership.  Many of the Guild's board of directors are Special Members due to the extra amount of time and money they contribute to the Guild's cause.  Our Special Members are indeed special and the gratitude and appreciation they receive is part of the their reward, knowing that they stepped up and made a major contribution of time and money to a cause that is dear to us all.

All Special Memberships are done on a case by case basis.


All levels of membership are extremely important to the continuing efforts of the Guild.  Without the support of individuals, growers and businesses the Guild would not be able to continue its very important work.  We at the Guild thank you for your support.