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11/30/17 Common OLCC Regulation Violations to be enforced more strictly in 2018

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission ("Commission") has issued a reminder to licensees to comply with Commission rules as we enter the second year of recreational marijuana in Oregon. These reminders are based on common violations that the Commission has seen over the last year. Please be advised that the Commission will be stepping up its enforcement efforts and will be doing random inspections to ensure compliance with security and, for retailers, legal sales to customers. Please review the following to see some of the pitfalls that plagued licensees recently:

45 Day Harvest Packaging: 

Outdoor producers who’ve completed their 2017 fall harvest need to make sure they’ve segregated their harvest lots of dried flower to ensure compliance with OLCC Division 25 Rules 845-025-2080.  Each harvest lot needs to be packaged separately with a CTS (Metrc) User Identification Tag linked to each plant and recorded in CTS within 45 days of harvest. Outdoor producers should remember to as they approach the end of the 45 day harvest package window, they should repackage marijuana flower and record the weight in CTS to avoid compliance action. 

30 Day Video Backup:

The Commission will begin spot compliance checks on licensees, with a primary focus on security. Security surveillance failures, such as failing to include backup video from video surveillance systems, is a Category I violation, which may result in license revocation. All licensees are required to have off site (away from the licensed premises) back up recordings from their video surveillance system for a minimum of 30 days.  You can do this by uploading to the cloud or to a physical location away from the licensed premises.  OLCC Division 25 Rules 845-025-1450.

No Minors on the Licensed Premises:

In December, the Commission will begin Minor Decoy Operations at licensed marijuana retailers around the state. Make sure no minors, including a licensee’s own minor children, are on the licensed premises for any reason. OLCC Division 25 Rules 845-025-1230.

Daily Purchase Limit: 

The Commission will also check to make sure no retailers are selling more than the allowable daily limit to individual customers. There’s a daily limit to the amount of recreational marijuana that a retailer can sell to an individual customer.  OLCC Rules 845-025-2800.

Marijuana Worker Permit: 

In August 2017 the Commission temporarily allowed growers to hire employees who had submitted an application for a worker permit. After December 15, all employees must have approved worker permits if they are handling marijuana.  Refer to Compliance Education Bulletin CE2017-11

If you have any questions, please call or email our office. Remember, if you want advice specific to your situation, contact us and schedule an appointment.

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