OSGG CannaSale FAQs


What are the ways I can sell my product in the CannaSale?

All sellers will purchase a sales table.  All negotiations between buyer and seller will be handled between those two parties.  There will be no sales commissions charged by OSGG on sales negotiated at this event.  No transfers will be allowed at this event.  All transfers must  be conducted after the event at a location that complies with the State of Oregon laws for the sale and transfer of marijuana.

Will this be a medical only event or recreational and medical event?

This event will be open to both OLCC and OMMP licensees.

Does the product need to be tested or sealed by the lab?

 No.  Sellers may sell untested product.  Buyers should insure they are completely aware of the conditions of any product they agree to purchase.

Can I leave the event once I'm inside?

Once you've registered you will be free to come and go as you please.    Non registered people WILL NOT be allowed in the event.

As an OLCC producer, how do I fill out my transport manifest?

OLCC sellers are allowed by law to bring no more than 8oz of sample product.  All product must be marked and manifested as "Trade Show Samples".