What are the ways I can sell my product in the auction?

No Minimum No Reserve (NMNR).  NMNR auctions mean that the seller is willing to sell the lot at the highest price the auctioneer can solicit.  NMNR auctions do present a little risk to the seller as there is a chance the lot may sell at a slightly lower price than may originally be expected.  However,  NMNR auctions generally elicit much more excitement and bidding frenzy as bidders who are guaranteed a sale try to get a good price.  

Reserve Price Placed.  Selling a lot with a minimum reserve sale price insures that the product will not sell for a lower price than the seller wants.  However buyers tend to be bid in a much cooler manner when a reserve price is set because they know they are going to have to pay a set price, and there is a risk that the product may not reach the reserve price and not sell at all.

Sales Table.  For those sellers not wishing to participate in the auction, they may buy a table to sell their product in a face to face manner over the table.  There will be no sales commission on table sales and no limit on quantity or price.

Will this be a medical only auction or recreational and medical auction?

No.  This auction will be open to both OLCC and OMMP licensees.

Does the product need to sealed by the lab?

All product must meet Oregon state law standards for testing.  Lots can be batch tested in quantities up to 10 pounds.  Batches can be divided into smaller lots as long as all smaller lots are included in the testing process.  Once the samples have been randomly taken from the lots each lot can be individually sealed and marketed with the appropriate testing information.  

Can I leave the auction once I'm inside?

Once you've registered you will be free to come and go as you please.  Registration for sellers will end at 11am, and for buyers at 1pm.  NO LATE REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ALLOWED.  Non registered people WILL NOT be allowed in the auction.

As an OLCC producer, how do I fill out my transport manifest?

Once you've registered as an OLCC seller you will be sent instructions how to fill out your transport manifest.